Yoga, children and dogs…


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So, this happened this week… I’ve started a new regime of trying to become a little more spiritually aware, as I feel it’ll help me become a less shouty mum and a more centred, positive and happier human being.  So, not one to make life easy for myself I’m on with three challenges at the moment:

  • Learn to meditate
  • Practise yoga
  • Read, digest and follow the principles in the book The Desire Map


OK, not had the best start this week… I started on Monday with the 30 days meditation challenge on Youtube.  I found 10 minutes to do this after dropping the kids off at school.  Got it all set up on the TV and as ‘we’ were about to start the guy down the road started mowing his lawn and my phone ‘pinged’ a message.  So I got out of my lotus pose (or should I say trying to sit cross-legged comfortably…) and switched my phone to silent and shut the window. Then I managed to do the 1st and 2nd day challenge!  It took a little while to get used to JBittersweets voice and knock out all the things I really should be doing instead out of my mind, but I did it!  Unfortunately, I’ve not managed to do day 3 yet, and its Sunday evening… FAIL!  Still will try again tomorrow!

Next was the yoga.  I aimed to do an energising morning sequence with Adriene every morning.  I amazingly managed to fit in the first session on Monday morning before the school run!  Crazy, I know, but both kids were dressed, homework done, washed and ready to go by 8am!  Talk about dedication to the cause!  So they happily watched TV while I yoga’d.  Job done… Tuesday, however, didn’t happen, but Wednesday did, in a fashion.  My youngest decided to do it with me and happily put herself into funny poses whilst I tried to focus on my breath.  After about 5 minutes my threenager, started huffing ‘I can’t do it!’ very loudly.  I attempted to encourage her to keep trying at which point she threw a hissy-fit and started kicking the door. I carried on regardless, trying to block out her tantrum, breathing and chanting ‘don’t shout, just ignore..’  FAIL! I couldn’t take it, paused the tv, took her quietly by the arm and led her to the bedroom, left her there, came back to the living room and pressed play.  I then proceeded to complete the yoga session with my darling daughters cries in the background ‘mummy I neeeed to do yogaaaaaa, mummy I neeeed to do yogaaaaaaa…


The next day I managed to do the yoga session was today, this morning to be exact. BUT, not without interruptions.  Hubby and son were out swimming.  I had a good chat with my darling daughter about how I needed 20 minutes to do some relaxing exercises that’ll make me a less shouty mum, and stuck the TV on for her in the other room.  The dog was enjoying the garden and it was a perfect time to get down to business.  10 minutes into the session (yes, a pattern seems to be emerging..) it absolutely chucked it down with rain and I suddenly realised the dog was outside.  So, paused the session, went to let the dog in, she looked a bit like this:


I wiped her down and gave her a biscuit (she always expects one after a wipe down as a reward for, well, being wiped down).  Got back and pressed play, and darling daughter then proceeded to tell me she was going to the loo for a ‘number 2’, excellent! Managed an extra 4 minutes of the session before ‘Mum, I’ve finished!’ was chanted over and over again, with snippets of ‘Twinkle, twinkle little star, my dad’s got a rusty car’ in between. Pause TV, sort out daughter, back and press play.. DD then decides she wants to do it with me and does her best to get in the way.  Then, when I ask her to move over she announces that ‘it’s not fair, I want to do it there!’  I finally manage to finish the routine, but am still battling the ‘shouty mum’ syndrome!  I still need to find my inner peace…

Hence, The Desire Map..


This book is hopefully going to help me discover my ‘inner light’ and also help us towards effective planning, setting ‘goals with soul’ and feeling good… Yes a big ask, but its had great reviews!  I’ve ordered the book and I’m hoping it’ll be here tomorrow, but have already read the first chapter as a free download from Danielle Laport’s website, and I love the way it is written and it leaves me hankering for more!  I’ll keep you informed.

So, all in all my first week of enlightenment wasn’t brilliant, but not bad…  We’ll see how this week goes!

I hope you have a wonderful week yourself, and find time for yourself.

Relax at your place


Heading into uncharted territory


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OK, it’s been a looong time, but I’m not apologising!  Sometimes life just gets in the way!  My now two, beautiful children are happily experiencing a love/hate relationship which is totally normal… I’m told! Anyway, onto new ventures.. literally!

This quote is a perfect way to start:


My hubby and I are beginning a new chapter in our lives which involves hubby venturing into the world of self employment as a personal trainer and gardener (alongside some part time work to help out to begin with).  Yep, strange mix, but there is such a need for gardeners, i.e. someone to do the hard stuff, in our area that we feel it’ll work well.  Hubby is a great personal trainier/motivator so we know this will work well.  I’ve been playing around with a website for him, not linked to his domain name yet but Wix is a great place to set up a site!  I’ll post the details soon, if you’re local and interested! As I am self employed (massage therapist), this is going to be quite the leap! By leap, I mean the fact that our ‘regular’ income will be no more and we’ll be living ‘hand to mouth’ for some time, until the cash starts coming in on a regular basis. It is scary, given that we have a mortgage on a house that is a ‘doerupper’, credit card bills, two young children (who eat all the time and keep growing out of their clothes… I mean, what is that all about!), a dog, a cat and a wardrobe that consists of ‘last years’ clothes – that when you look closer are actually last ‘Century’s’ clothes!  We need to plan, plan, plan..

self employed

I’ve heard there’s a rise in the self employed ‘odd jobbers‘ so we are not alone!  It should be an interesting summer!


Relax at your place…

Because I Said So! by Ken Jennings

This is very funny… You don’t realise how often you say things your mum once said, but it happens far more than I’d like! I wonder if money does grow on trees? .

4 Mothers

because-i-said-so-cover So, this does not happen often because I am not an absolutist, and I totally respect that some parents want to practice attachment parenting and some parents want … not to.   (WTF?  What’s the opposite of attachment parenting?), But I’ve thought this over carefully and I am firmly of the opinion that every single family household must have a copy of this book .  Why?  Because I Said So!

I mean, there’s the whole co-sleeping debate, but this stuff is not only serious, it’s universal.  Case in point: The Five Second Rule.  Universal, right?  Every single last one of us has handed back to our children an item of food that has fallen on the floor and told them it’s ok to eat it, invoking The Five Second Rule.  And every single last one of us know it’s bullshit, but we do it anyway.  Well, you have Ken Jennings to thank…

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Pulling my hair out!


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Today is not a good day so far…  Newly adopted two year old daughter (T) and six year old son (B) are more like sparring partners than siblings.. The, expected, need for attention is more than we expected, and we are worn out!  T is still settling in after being the apple of her foster carers eye, so is not used to sharing ‘the love’, and B is in a very similar position.. used to being the centre of our attention and is now having to share it!  Sometimes I wish I could split myself in two…

kids fighting

Today we tried a long walk with the dog down to the Big Field and some games of tag (which resulted in fighting), catch the bubbles (which resulted in fighting) and ‘mummy’s going to get you’ (which…yes you’ve guessed it!).  I also took a picnic along with us but it was too cold so we came back home and had an indoor picnic on the rug… which resulted in two children wanting the same piece of carrot to dip in the hummus, and, yes, some fighting.  AND BREATHE…. T is now in bed for an afternoon snooze, exhausted from all the fistycuffs, and B is relaxing on the sofa with a banana, hence the 10 minute window to update my blog!

So, I’m in desperate need for some home spa therapy, but will have to wait until this evening when our ‘darlings’ are in bed!  I fancy a lovely hot bath with a few drops of some lovely therapeutic, relaxing, de-stressing lavender oil… along with a glass of wine and a book.  The book I’m reading is hopefully going to help.. How to Talk so Kids Will Listen, and Listen so Kids will Talk… Watch this space and I’ll let you know how it goes…



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Ok is been a while I know, but the adoption of our second child came quicker than we expected and time just seemed to dissappear!  But now that things have settled down I can get back to my blog.

Watch this space for some great tips and ideas to help you relax at your place!


Shwari Massage Therapy
A perfect way to relax at your place

Tennis, tea and cake


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Lovely day today!

A bit of a run this morning while hubby plays tennis in the park with our little one. Pancakes for breakfast, along with leisurely read of the papers (quite a feat with a 5 year old to entertain!).

Then watching Andy Murray win Wimbledon (AMAZING!!!), along with a nice cup of tea and a slice of cake…

Now normally I would let this be the end of it, however, a bit of a fanfare please… This has to be the best cake I have ever made (most of them tend to be a lot flatter..)! Thanks to good old Mary Berry and a wonderfully easy, all in together, recipe for a Victoria sandwich. Yum!

Yummy 'Mary Berry' Cake

Yummy ‘Mary Berry’ Cake

Happy Days!


Just a quickie

Hello, not had a lot of time lately, been a bit lapse with the old blog, sorry! Sometimes life just gets in the way…and work too!

Massage is keeping me busy, some lovely clients, receiving relaxing massages in their own homes, what could be better! No need to get in the car afterwards and get tense in the traffic,  perfect!

I’ll be in touch again soon!

massage is the perfect way to unwind

Children’s publishers accepting unsolicited manuscripts

Really good and useful information if you happen to need a children’s publisher!

Lou Treleaven


You can’t get published without an agent, and you can’t get an agent without being published – or so the adage goes. Thankfully, there are still a few children’s book publishers who are happy to wade through the ‘slush pile’, that teetering tower of manuscripts we imagine fill up a corner of the office, each one representing an agent-less writer who is hoping against hope that they might be plucked from obscurity. So in the spirit of writerly comradeship here is my current list of writer-friendly children’s fiction publishers in the UK who still accept unsolicited manuscripts.  Check their website guidelines and submit away, but please do correct me if I’ve made any errors or incorrect assumptions. NB   Where there is a link, I have endeavoured to take you, the linkee, to the submissions guidelines page of the publisher’s website; where that is not possible…

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